ATTENTION: Forget Aweber, Getresponse or Any Expensive Autoresponder Service Out There

"Let Me Setup for You A Powerful Autoresponder System that will Hit Your Subscribers Inbox Like Gangbuster"

While You Pay Only $0.1/1000 Emails

Note: I will Set this up and You Pay After Confirmation

"The Money is in the list!"

Every budding internet entrepreneur has heard this countless times. But how do you build your own list? When Aweber and Getresponse are charging over $100/month to keep just 10,000 subscribers

Lets say you have 10,573 subscribers and you email them once a month. Here is the cost in picture.



 Amazon SES


Hey Netprenuer,

it's David Scott here - and on behalf of Aoran Brian, thanks for taking the time to check this out.

Listen, I'll get straight to the point...

If you're sick and tired of the high costs of newsletter services and not afraid to step up your game. This is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Stop worrying about losing your lists and accounts based on the whims of your newsletter service.  Your mailing list is (or should be) the lifeblood of your online business and you need to own it.  Do not leave this asset under control of a third party.

Have you heard of AmazonSES? An Email SMTP server from one of the most reputable company in the world.

According to Forbes, Amazon is the Most Reputable Company in the world for 2014 and 2015.

Amazon owns a robust SMTP Server that you can connect with your email app and get emails sent out in no time while paying a flat rate of $0.1/1000 emails.

This means that you can send an email to 10,000 people and pay just $1. Yes!!! Its not an error. Its One.

As in O - N - E - 1

After using Amazon SES for over 4years now. I have come to the conclusion that It takes experience to know how to hit your subscribers inbox at 100% rate; and My Expertise + AmazonSES + a Self Hosted Application can help you achieve that.

You see, Self Hosted Application are everywhere online where you can buy and install on your hosting account ready to send emails. Likes of Interspire, Mailwizz and the name continues.

I have used and reused all these apps, but one app i've come to love because of its simplicity... Is a simple, User friendly, feature rich App that beats the record... Arpreach. The features will amaze you.

But it didn't end with the features. After using Arpreach and Amazon SES for months. The delivery rate wasn't really impressive.

As a Software Developer

I call my software pal - Max Willfred and we put our resources together, and developed Four (4) Powerful Custom Addons which i integrated in this Autoresponder System. And it gave me 100% delivery, anytime, any day since 2012.


Welcome to the World of Smart Email Marketing

What if I could setup your own ultra 100% Delivery Rate Autoresponder on your site. With all features & even better than that of most commercial Autoresponder Services out there.

Stop paying monthly for a service you can get for close to Nothing.

Stop It

Alot of people have tried to setup their Self Hosted solution but failed. This is because it takes an expert in the field to setup something as complicated as a self hosted autoresponder system.

There're alot of softwares out there that you can buy, stick your neck out and try to configure to send out your emails, but get to discover that 50 - 70% of your email goes directly to spam folders.

I see people going for free or cheap autoresponder services which literally deliver their email to spam and junk folders. Making your marketing and advertising effort to hang like a rope.

To New and intermediate Marketers, this can be the beginning of the end of their businesses because they'll think email marketing doesn't work.


Take it or Leave it; Email Rules the World of Digital Marketing

Social media, mobile, and video are sexy. But despite their allure, email remains the most powerful force driving advertising efficiency in 2016. The numbers don't lie.

Email Delivers the highest ROI out of any advertising channel. Statistic shows that for every $1 spent on email marketing, minimum of $43 is returned.
Email is up to 40X more effective than any other advertisement model for acquiring customers.
Email Drove the most online sales on Black Friday (25.1% of all online orders).
Email stands strong on its own. No doubt. But it also plays an integral role in just about every other popular advertising channel.


Lets take a look at 7 other popular ad mediums and how email makes them stronger

Mobile: A single sms cost alot, texting 50,000 people will cost you hundreds of dollars and as you know, you can only input 160 characters. What do you do with 160 characters, Find every possible way to include your website url. If your website doesn't have a form to collect emails, your advert plan is lame. Email Rocks

Online Display: Successful ads program drive people to click a link and enter their email address. This way, marketers can begin to build a long-term relationship with otherwise flighty searchers. Email Rocks

Video: Marketers often rely on email to amplify their video advertising efforts. This one is a no-brainer. Why not share video content via email if you have a database full of subscribers to send it to? It sure beats the strategy of only posting it on your website and/or social media profile. Email Rocks

Social Media: Today's most successful programs rely on email addresses to build their target audiences. Facebook Custom Audiences are a prime example. Email Rocks

Pay Per Click: Same as for online display. Marketers are wasting money if they're not capturing an email address at first click. Email Rocks

Telephone: Successful and legitimate telemarketers need to capture email addresses. If they don't, they risk not being able to reach their leads again. The comprehensiveness of the Do Not Call registries makes email capture a necessity for this channel. Email Rocks

Newspaper: Advert prices continue to rise. Scary, since it's estimated that Newspaper advert can already cost up to 100X more than email. This makes stand-alone programs hard to justify these days. What's the solution? Drive recipients online to opt-in with their email address. Marketers can then deliver future offers and communications at a fraction of the cost. Email Rocks

I can go on and on to show you the superior power of an email over all other advertisement medium. But it doesn't work on just an ordinary email system. Email Rocks when you have a Very Good Email Autoresponder System with guaranteed inbox delivery.

When it comes to email marketing, Inbox Delivery is the Key

Its time to put your wallet back. Save your money for your next birthday. Get a better solution for your email marketing needs and pay as you go.





98 - 100% inbox Delivery

The e-business solution that will help you create financial freedom and increase your sales Automatically, Endlessly and Effortlessly while paying in Cents.

Inbox Blaster Autoresponder System is a unique and revolutionary autoresponder system you can find NOwhere else. This is not some crappy ebook on how to setup a self hosted system... This is a fully done for you system. I'll install and configure everything from A to Z.

  • Your Domain or Subdomain

  • Hosting Account

This all you need to get your autoresponder system up an running within 48hrs.

Verify Your Sending Domain on the World Wide Web. Secret Sauce
Install Arpreach on your domain or subdomain. Eg; or or any folder of your choice.
Setup cron jobs
Configure A secret component. (99% of people don't know this)
Setup an account with Amazonses for you.
Raise your Amazon sending limit to 50,000 emails/day.
Configure SPF , DKIM , rDNS
Setup bounce and complains
Verify your sending domain with Amozonses
Install 4 personally created custom addons for 100% inbox delivery. (Nobody can offer this setup except i and my team)
Authenticate your Autoresponder system for 100% Delivery.
Give you a Users guide and White label Tips. Very important.


100% Access to your Personal and Professional autoresponder system. (The Inbox Blaster Autoresponder System) You can send upto 50,000 email messages per day.

Arpreach Autoresponder app: Life Time License. Nothing to pay thereafter. Its yours for life. I mean forever.

Fully Configured Amazon SES account. All you have to pay is $0.1/1,000 emails sent. And you can send upto 50,000 emails/day.

Users Guide - pdf
White Label Tips - pdf


Unlimited number of Subscribers. Click on a mailing list and you'll see the interface to manage subscribers. You can add or edit them manually, import and export CSV, Text file.

Unlimited mailing lists. Define a mailing list and add as many members as you wish.

Auto Bounce and Handling: This system auto detect and blacklist bounced emails and never send emails to them.

Opt-in and double opt-in - Configurable at general level or for each mailing list. The choice is yours.

You can customize the contents of the double opt-in email and the unsubscribe text.

Custom fields management. You can add unlimited number of fields to your registration forms. The collected data can be replaced in the mails to personalize them.

Detailed logs of sent emails for each autoresponder. You'll know exactly what messages received by every member of your mailing list.

You can track link clicks and file downloads and know which ones attract the most interest.

Email templates. Upload HTML designs to reuse them in your marketing messages.

Sequential auto responder messages. This is probably the most used feature of every auto responder software. You can define a number of mails which to be sent in various intervals after user registration.

Fixed date mailings. You can also schedule mails that will go out on a fixed date - for example Christmas greeting or hot offers.

Email every 3 days, every 7 days, etc. You can set messages to be repeated in equal intervals to achieve maximum effect.

Every "weekday" emails. You can schedule messages that will be sent every Tuesday, every Saturday and so on.

Set time of the day for autoresponder messages. You can select after what time of the day your messages to be sent thus avoiding sending important message during the night.

Personalization of the messages. You can address your subscribers by name and all the custom fields you add.

Contact form mailing list. Create any kind of contact forms for your sites. Optionally set up auto-reply and get those who contacted you enrolled in autoresponders.

Format your messages with rich text editor. WYSIWYG editor available for email formating.

Attachments. You can add unlimited number of attachments to each autoresponder or newsletter email.

Search/Sort/Filter the members in the autoresponder mailing lists to find quickly the one you are looking for.

Shows your Amazon SES details. You don't need to login to your Amazon SES account to check stats. You'll see your amazon SES data directly on the console.


"You have 100% Control. No Body Policing you on what to send and how many people to send to"

I'll do all the hard work... All you have to do is login to your website autoresponder, upload your list, write your email message and SEND. I forgot to add - Directly to their Inbox.

Listen Pal

Whether you have a list of 1,000 subscribers or your list is 1,000,000 subscribers... You'll send your first mass email In Less Than 48hours from now. I still need to add - Directly to their Inbox.


I Personally Built a list of 400,000 Subscribers within 4 years

Because i didn't have to budget hundreds or thousands of dollars for autoresponder service.

How much would i be coughing out monthly if i'm to pay a third party to keep about 400,000 subscribers of mine. Huh!!! But i pay Amazon SES in Cents to send emails while i keep my list by myself as the list keeps growing.


Let me tell you something... 99% of Successful Establishments don't depend on Third Party Autoresponder


Do you know any successful establishment? Check the footer of their emails, does it look like they sent it from Aweber or Getresponse. Hell NO!!!


This is not some form of High Cost Dedicated Server
This has nothing to do with IP and IP Rotation.
This is Not a platform for Unsolicited Spam Mails.
This is Not a Crappy Ebook on how to install some cheap plugins on wordpress.


For the New Marketer

If you're just starting out and want to make the best out of your new business without spending a fortune on Monthly Subscriptions. Inbox Blaster Self Hosted Autoresponder System is for you.

For the Intermediate Marketer

If you’ve been working your online business for a while now, and already have an email communication and marketing strategy in place, you’ll probably want that little bit more functionality in place than AWeber can offer and want to minimize cost while hitting your subscribers inbox like never before. Inbox Blaster Self Hosted Autoresponder System is for you.

For the Expert Marketer

If you’ve moved up to the position of a serious marketer and need a really robust service to manage all of your emails, subscriber lists and automation, so that you’re freed up to focus on your business while retaining absolute control over your marketing solution. Inbox Blaster Self Hosted Autoresponder System is for you.


I wouldn't want to start breaking down the cost. But note that Arpreach alone is $195 and my 4 custom built addons is valued at over $2,000. Professional setup and configuration of Amazonses and Arpreach will cost alot.

But i'll not charge you that much. Inbox Blaster Autoresponder System is priced at only $1,899. Arpreach License included.


Yours for Life. No Monthly charges ever.


What is Autoresponder?

I call it My Virtual Secretary. My bestie call it Money Messenger. I don't just know the correct definition, i think Google will help.

How much do i need to pay Monthly?

No Monthly fee whatsoever. You pay a flat rate of $0.1/1000 emails. Charged at the end of the month.

What makes Inbox Blaster Autoresponder System so different from others out there?

It combines the power of Arpreach, AmazonSES and 4 custom Built Addon that directs your emails to your subscribers inbox. 100% Guaranteed. Complimented by the fact that i do the complete setup process for you from start to finish.

How Long will it take you to set it up?

The setup process will take 24 - 48hrs and its on a first come first serve basis.

I'm not very technical, can I use this?
Yes! This is so easy to use that you won't even need to watch a tutorial video to start using it. It is probably the most user friendly Autorespnder System I've ever used!

How Many Emails Can i send in a day?

Maximum of 50,000 emails daily for a start, if you want to send more daily... I will show you how to apply for increase from AmazonSES. My biggest client has a 500,000/day sending limit. (Its a multinational though)

Why do you Set it Up for People instead of just giving out the Course that teaches?

What everyone wants is the truth...  The truth is; AmazonSES and Arpreach CANNOT give you the result you require. I personally built the 4 custom Addon which makes Inbox Blaster Autoresponder System a custom built system that can only be setup by Experts.

I want to give value to the few that are ready to step up their game.

Can i pay on installment?

Yes, but your first payment must cover Arpreach License which is $195. Contact me if you want to pay on installments so i can issue you an invoice.  

What if i have more questions and i want to contact you?

Nothing much, feel free to Contact me through any of these mediums.   Email: Skype: david_scott17

Do you offer support?

100% support. Email: Skype: david_scott17


Our 100% MoneyBack Guarantee!

Order your Inbox Blaster  Autoresponder System, fire it up and use it to your advantage.

If you're not 100% satisfied, or it doesn't skyrocket your sales and save you some cash, just let me know within the next 30 days and i will refund every penny you spent.

No hassle, no forms to fill out. We are taking all the risk away from you. You even keep the free bonuses. We are that convinced you'll love Inbox Blaster Self Hosted Autoresponder System!


Get your Inbox Blaster Self Hosted Autoresponders Account NOW!!!

Only $1,899


Your Software Pals

David Scott

Aoran Brian


P.S Consider how much you're gonna pay Aweber or Getresponse this month end. Even when you hardly send out emails.

P.P.S. Remember, you can automatically follow up on an unlimited number of subscribers for life without any form of monthly payments. You'll boost your sales while saving money.

P.P.P.S. you've got a full 30 days Iron-Clad, Risk-Free, 100% Money Back GUARANTEE! If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with what you get, we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase - No questions asked!...

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